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More information about this tool

Our unlocker tool is designed for electric scooters and brings up power potential by removing (or change) speed limits and acceleration limits on motor wheel.

Using our diagnostic tool you can convert your scooter into personal one and let you “test” it further.

You do not need external tracking device anymore during scooter operation.

Users confirm that this tool works with scooters like:

  • Electisan F350
  • Okai ES-100 (and similar)
  • Bird Zero (aka. The Tank)
  • Tier ES-200G
  • … more at FAQ section and shop page

However we as cannot guarantee you that your specific model or unit copy will work with our diagnostic tool.

Device function/abilities

  • sound feedback
  • touch input (touch sensor) or push button (physical)
  • touch/press 4-digit pin code to unlock
  • WiFi unlock on “rebel dashboard”
  • OTA (over the air) update
  • turn on/off (power on) scooter
  • dashboard (shows speed, battery and light state info, speed unit)
  • front lights toggles on/off (independent from power state)
  • toggle speed limit on front wheel motor or no limit
  • change speed limit ex. 0/8/12/18/21/25/30/no limit [km/h]
  • compatible with charging during power on state
  • small form factor – fits inside steering tube
  • plug&play with factory green 5 pin Julet connector
  • shock and moisture resistant
  • compatible with stock components only (no need to change parts)

Specific functionality depend of chosen diagnostic unit.

Turning on diagnose procedure

No motor speed limit

Touch plate input

Diagnostic tool

Unlock potential of your electric scooter