How to upload firmware to your device – flashing PARROT

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Simple steps to update your tool to latest version

Since version 5 of PARROT and KINGFISHER there is a way to update your tool through USB port.
Firmware will be available to download only when order get status “Completed” (package was shipped/dispatched)

This tutorial may vary depending of your OS (MacOS or Windows). Take a look:

  1. Download & install Arduino IDE –
  2. Download most recent .hex file (firmware) – click here parrot-v8a.ino.d1_mini.bin
  3. Download & install ESP tool to flash your device: (Mac) or (Mac, Win, Linux)

Type command in your console (cmd.exe on windows or Terminal on MacOS) followed by software manufacture instruction.
PARROT is mostly based on ESP8266 chipset. Baud rate 9600.

You can find various GUI (Graphical User Interface) software to flash your module, make use of it when you are not experienced user.

Disclaimer – firmware upload (reflashing/flash/reflash) your tool will void your warranty, there is no coming back from your flashed device to previous version. If your module works fine – consider leaving it as is.

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