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  4. BATTERY JUICER v2 – Scooter battery unlocking module (ex. OKAI ES200G, JUMP, TIER ES200B) – pre-programmed Arduino + power supply

BATTERY JUICER v2 – Scooter battery unlocking module (ex. OKAI ES200G, JUMP, TIER ES200B) – pre-programmed Arduino + power supply

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Scooter batteries unlocking module (ex. OKAI ES200G) – pre-programmed micro controller with power supply.

Pre soldered tool contains:

  1. Micro controller (8/16MHz) – pre-programmed to unlock battery
  2. Power converter (72/43/36V to 12/7/5V) – so step down from battery voltage to module voltage
  3. (optional, extra fee) plastic case with ventilated lid

What this tool is about

Battery pack require a status/unlock signal to their BLUE (Tx) wire – this tool (module) will provide right signal to unlock your battery – this is tested on OKAI ES200G battery but many vendors (DOTT, BIRD) use similar or the same one.

For now it’s only one way communication, firmware updates are coming soon to also read battery status (voltage and capacity). Firmware will be available through your account panel on scooter-unlock. This module has “open” status which means micro-USB port is open for updates and tool is not sealed to provide further soldering abilities for your battery.

Shipping to USA, EU and many other countries.

Warning statement

We strongly discourage anyone from using this tool on any scooter beside your own. We are not responsible for using this device i way other than for diagnosis purpouse. Please read the “terms of service” before buying this product. The product is sold as it is, without any guarantee of compatibility with your specific copy of vehicle due to possible manufacturer hardware changes.

Additional information

Weight 90 g

Changelog (versions)

Tool version changelog (visit also FAQ for answers)

  • v3 – released 04.11.2022
    minimised code memory
    initial delay before battery activation
  • v2 – released 04.08.2021
    minor timing fixes
    added received info buffer
  • v1 – released 17.06.2020
    initial release

Usage (maintenance-free)

How to use, what this tool can do

To activate scooter battery unlocker, module has to be soldered in as follow:.
This tool is maintenance-free so there is no extra user interface/input (for now).

  1. solder red/black wire (positive and negative battery wire)
  2. solder blue/green wire (signal out and optional signal in)

We actively work on further firmware upgrades – see changelog.


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