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SEAGULL v9 (Touch or Button) Diagnostic Tool for electric scooter (unlock “Electisan”, “Okai”, “Bird Zero”, “The Tank”) ES-100

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This product is most likely discontinued – use universal PARROT instead!

What this tool is about

This diagnostic tool (product) is a hardware component – basically ready to use kit that can convert an electric kick-scooter into personal. It does work with stock scooter components.
Product is suitable for diagnostic “Bird Zero” scooter (similar to Electisan F350, Okai and scooter with the same components setup – ES-100 ESC.

Note: do not connect this module to different vehicles.

With this tool you can check whether your vehicle:

  • turns on/off (powers on)
  • dashboard turns on/off (shows speed, battery and light state info)
  • front lights toggles on/off (independent from power state)
  • has speed limit on front wheel motor (can be turn off or on)
  • switching between different speed limits on the fly

New brain is ready to use, plug and play – it will completely fit inside the steering tube due to small dimensions.
You can get rid of entire box (GPS tracking unit) located in front of scooter, for testing ride time.

Device is designed to be use with (capacitive touch sensor) metal plate or with physical press button.
Device has wires to connect small speaker for audio feedback.

End user has to solder connection wires only (main plug, touch plate, speaker. all of this = 9 color coded cables) – you’ll find more info in instruction.

Please read FAQ tab prior placing your order, maybe you will find some interesting things there.

Warning statement

We strongly discourage anyone from using this tool on any scooter beside your own. We are not responsible for using this device i way other than for diagnosis purpouse. Please read the “terms of service” before buying this product. The product is sold as it is, without any guarantee of compatibility with your specific copy of vehicle due to possible manufacturer hardware changes.

Additional information

Weight 125 g
Dimensions 12 × 3.2 × 3.2 cm

Plastic Polistyren (PS), Copper, Resin

Rated voltage


Operating temperature

-30°C to 80°C

Changelog (versions)

Tool version changelog (visit also FAQ for answers)

  • v9 – released 8.01.20
    further minor code improvements
    yet another change of power converter manufacturer to ensure high voltage operation
  • v8 – released 21.12.19
    more speed limits are now available
    faster scooter (maximum) acceleration instead of previous 70% linear
    module will remember last light state now
    code rewrite and improvements – preparation for CUCKOO Diagnostic Tool
    possibility to remove touch pin code completely (choose “0000”)
    minor changes
  • v7 – released 20.11.19
    changed power converters manufacturer to ensure higher tolerance for high voltage spikes during initial power connection.
    added possibility to order our tool with physical button beside touch sensor (both can be used).
  • v6 – released 6.11.19
    quicker scooter response for executed commands (sorry v4/v5).
    now short light blink will indicate unlocking procedure.
    feedback sounds slightly differ now.
    more sensitive touch plate (sorry v4/v5).
  • v5 – released 2.11.19
    reworked touch sensitive input readings from digital to analog.
    fail-safe for touch plate – 2 wires works independent now + auto sensitive adjust feature.
    module get sleep mode on shutdown state. (long touch to wake up)
    resistor on touch plate wires is probably no longer needed.
    touch timings and long press sequences was fixed meanwhile.
    shortened launch and shutdown procedure.
    cut off touch plate while scooter is accelerating (due to current breakdown which happen rare on v3 and v4)
    fixed 20 sec delay after turn off procedure
  • v4 – released 20.10.19
    added ability to change speed limit modes.
    minor changes in code structure.

Usage (touch commands)

How to use, what this tool can do

To start testing scooter user has to input 4 digits pass code after long press. Codes are unique, you can choose your own code for safety reason – to protect the tool or vehicle against unauthorised access.

Example of unlock procedure:

  • initiate unlock attempt by single long touch
  • you’ll hear the *electric sound*, vehicle is expecting code now, so:
  • 2 touches, 5 touches, 1 touch, 2 touches – stands for code ”2512”
  • if entered code was correct, you’ll hear the *sound* effect
  • scooter will blink the front light few times and dashboard will turn up
  • at this time, vehicle is ready to roll and further testing.

To turn off scooter:

  • sequence of 4 long presses should be performed

To limit max speed and acceleration:

  • sequence of 10 touches should be performed (works both way)
  • you’ll hear the *sound*

To swap limit speed combo:

  • sequence of 20 touches should be performed
  • you’ll hear the *sound*

To toggle on/off lights:

  • double tap should be performed

Multiple speeds settings (BETA), one is unlocked/full potential of motor, second option is throttled down to certain speed – you can switch it on the fly for ex. to meet the law rules or to limit speed for newbie riders.

We actively work on further firmware upgrades – see changelog.

Kit content

What’s in the package

This kit contain:

  1. diagnostic tool which let you power up scooter
  2. power converter built in so tool can use default 42v voltage
  3. all necessary wires soldered in and moisture/vibration protected
  4. (optional) copper plate or/and touch button to be used as a touch input sensor
  5. instruction with soldering, connection and commands
  6. helper/misc. items

Bulk pricing

Bulk prices

You ask us about discounts in bulk orders… a lot, so there you have it:

from 2 pcs. price is discounted by 3%
from 5 pcs. price is discounted by 5%
from 10 pcs. price is discounted by 10%
from 15 pcs. price is discounted by 15%
from 20 pcs. price is discounted by 25%
from 30 pcs. price is discounted by 30%

+ additional energy points for each unit purchased unit as in standard order

FAQ for this product

This FAQ is not fully relevant to every tool.

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Wiring scheme

Wire voltage across harness in our tool

Please measure outgoing voltage in wires from your scooter and do not exceed this rates.

Do not missmatch polarity.

In worst case scenario electrolytic capacitor on our tool can blow off. This is safety warning, please use this tool with scooter that it’s made for only – or took precautions steps assuming case of module failure (smoke and case discharge).

Connect this tool as last part of your scooter circuit system to avoid voltage overload.

Red: max. 42V (+)
Black: Ground (-) (do not apply voltage here)

Blue: 3.3V (+)

Green: Signal
Yellow: Signal

Brow: Ground (-)
Orange: Signal (do not apply voltage here)

Purple/Pink: Signal (+) (use 2 wires for touch input metal plate or 1 for push button)
White/grey: Ground (-) (for push button)


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