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PARROT v8 (Wireless Wi-Fi) Diagnostic Tool for electric scooter (unlock “Bird Zero”, “Tier”, “Voi”, “Jump”) ES-100, ES-200 D/G/B

(3 customer reviews)

56,00 44,00 (54,12 with TAX)

Europe: EU shipping (international post)5 day(s)

9 in stock

choose min. 8-10 character password for your WiFi network access point spawned by scooter – it’s random 8 char. by default

Earn up to 44 Energy points for this product.



Notice for our customers.

To our knowledge comes news about software fixes being deployed to scooters fleet by their companies across some US and some EU cities – when your scooter is connected to IOT device there is probability that it will update itself and start messing up with unlocking signal cycle sending by our modules. For now affected scooters will get symptoms of shutting down after 2 min.  – so to be clear this tool doesn’t work on heartbeat patched version yet, we’ve opened USB port for updates in the future – we are constantly working on firmware.
Please be aware of this and stay “offline” to avoid pulling updates from vendor IOT service (ex. by sim-card)

This tool was created to be an universal unlocker replacing KINGFISHER and earlier touch version versions.

What this tool is about

This diagnostic tool (aka product) is a hardware component – basically ready to use kit that can convert an electric kick-scooter into personal. It does work with stock scooter components.
Product is suitable for unlocking “Bird Zero”, “Tier”, “Voi”, “Jump” and other scooter. This is Wireless version for ES-100 and ES-200 series ESC with no vendor lock cypher rotation (aka. hearbeat protection which is provided by IOT device with SIM cards communication – please read green notice above).

With this tool you can:

  • turn on/off (power on) scooter
  • turn on/off dashboard (show speed, battery, km or mph and light state)
  • toggle front light on/off
  • change speed limit on motor (or can be turn off/on like toggle)
  • switches between different speed limits on the fly

New “brain” is ready to use, plug and play – it will fit completely inside the steering tube due to small form factor.
You can get rid of entire box (GPS tracking unit) located in front of scooter, for “testing” ride time.

Device is designed to be use with smartphone through Wi-Fi and standard web browser.

End user has to solder connection wires only (main plug – all of this = 6 color coded cables).

Please read FAQ tab prior placing your order, maybe you will find some interesting things there.

Also may work (no guarantee) with branded scooters like: Electisan ES-200b, Cityblitz Best, SXT Max ekfV, Electisan F350, Motec City Pro

Warning statement

We strongly discourage anyone from using this tool on any scooter beside your own. We are not responsible for using this device i way other than for diagnosis purpouse. Please read the “terms of service” before buying this product. The product is sold as it is, without any guarantee of compatibility with your specific copy of vehicle due to possible manufacturer hardware changes.

Additional information

Weight 125 g
Dimensions 12 × 3.2 × 3.2 cm

Plastic Polistyren (PS), Copper, Resin

Rated voltage


Operating temperature

-30°C to 80°C

Changelog (versions)

Tool version changelog (visit also FAQ for answers)

  • v8a – released 23.04.2022
    fixed major issue where clients could not run their scooter due to missing voltage on BLUE line – update via issued firmware (click here)
  • v7 – released 26.04.2021
    minor UI fix (user feedback)
  • v6 – released 28.10.2020
    minor improvements
    probably better cycle for locked ES-100
  • v5b – released 10.04.2020
    biohazard theme
    minor code improvements
    slightly improved UI
    preparation for next update
    (pink cable is spare one for future update)
  • v5 – released 25.01.2020
    USB port opened for firmware updates
    now powers converter tolerate up to 70V
    code improvements
  • v4 BETA public – released 16.01.2020
    initial release of wireless unlocker for electric scooter

Usage (dashboard interface)

How to use, what this tool can do

To start testing scooter user has to connect to WiFi network provided by this module. Wi-Fi password is unique, but you can choose your own. This is due to safety reason – to protect the tool or vehicle against unauthorised access.

Connection steps example:

  • navigate to your device (smartphone, tablet, watch, computer) wifi settings
  • connect to network called (e.g.): REBEL-1234567 with your unique password
  • after successful connection, open website address (or
  • control and configure your scooter remotely!

We actively work on further firmware upgrades – see changelog.

Kit content

What’s in the package

This kit contain:

  1. diagnostic tool which let you power up scooter
  2. power converter built in so tool can use default 42v voltage (v5 has 70V tolerance)
  3. all necessary wires soldered in and moisture/vibration protected
  4. helper/misc. items

Bulk pricing

Bulk prices

You ask us about discounts in bulk orders… a lot, so there you have it:

from 2 pcs. price is discounted by 3%
from 5 pcs. price is discounted by 5%
from 10 pcs. price is discounted by 10%
from 15 pcs. price is discounted by 15%
from 20 pcs. price is discounted by 25%
from 30 pcs. price is discounted by 30%

+ additional energy points for each unit purchased unit as in standard order

FAQ for this product

This FAQ is not fully relevant to every tool.

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Wiring scheme

Wire voltage across harness in our tool

Please measure outgoing voltage in wires from your scooter and do not exceed this rates.

Do not missmatch polarity.

In worst case scenario electrolytic capacitor on our tool can blow off. This is safety warning, please use this tool with scooter that it’s made for only – or took precautions steps assuming case of module failure (smoke and case discharge).

Connect this tool as last part of your scooter circuit system to avoid voltage overload.

Red: max. 45V (+) (v5 has 70V tolerance)
Black: Ground (-) (do not apply voltage here)

Blue: 3.3V (+)

Green: Signal
Yellow: Signal

3 reviews for PARROT v8 (Wireless Wi-Fi) Diagnostic Tool for electric scooter (unlock “Bird Zero”, “Tier”, “Voi”, “Jump”) ES-100, ES-200 D/G/B

  1. Robert Neamtu (verified owner)

    Parrot works well with ?️ zero.
    The dashboard , the lights and the motor works well . No need any modifications ,just solder the wires to match colors.
    Easy to connect with it thru wifi network provided by the tool.
    Thanks guys !

    • Trusted Diagnostician


  2. Levin Friedrich

    this work on my Jump scooter, comes with instruction how to solder, fairly simple. Had no problem. Little bit long shipping (1.5 weeks)

  3. Carlos Vanderpool (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with my purchase!

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