Simple steps to update your tool to latest version

Since version 5 of PARROT and KINGFISHER there is a way to update your tool through USB port. Firmware will be available to download only when order get status “Completed” (package was shipped/dispatched) This tutorial may vary depending of your OS (MacOS or Windows). Take a look:
  1. Download & install Arduino IDE – https://www.arduino.cc/en/main/software
  2. Download most recent .hex file (firmware) – t.b.d.
  3. Download & install AVR Dude – http://download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/avrdude/
Type command in your console (cmd.exe on windows or Terminal on MacOS). Bold section may vary.
  1. avrdude -p m328p -c arduino -b 57600 -P /dev/cu.wchusbserial14340 -U flash:w:FIRMWARE-NAME.hex:i
  2. If you see “avrdude done. Thank you.” – you are good to go – test your new firmware on scooter.
Disclaimer – firmware upload (reflashing/flash/reflash) your tool will void your warranty.
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    There is a list with error codes number and related issue (do not take it for granted).

    01E – High current protection

    02E – Low battery OR Low voltage protect (ex. battery or controller problem?)

    03E – High voltage protection (controller problem?)

    04E – Locked motor protection

    05E – Controller problem (MOS burned?)

    06E – Controller problem (tbd)

    07E – Motor problem (tbd)

    08E – Motor over temperature limit (intense riding? sensor?).

    09E – Throttle problem (thumb throttle issue? throttle wire shortage?)

    10E – Brake problem (broken brake lever? brake wires?)

    11E – Signal transmission problem (controller problem?)

    12E – Signal transmission problem (controller problem?)

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  • someusername117 says:
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    Any troubleshooting steps for 12 E?

  • I’ve 04 E on my display when I depress acceleration switch. Any idea how to sort this out. The name of scooter on the footplate is e-commute. Thanks.

      • jerryjohn9901 says:
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        Hall sensor all good. When throttle disconnected I get 03 E on display, so I throttle is also good. Thanks.

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    Yes you can, just use one of touch wire on your button as regular and only one left touch wire as touch input. To be clear, when using both input methods setup: button = 1 pink/purple + 1 grey/white & touch input = 1 pink/purple

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    If you are into custom settings on newest KINGFISHER or PARROT tool and your scooter need adjustment, follow table below according to ESC model of your scooter.
    Default (initial) settings are 1/1, accordingly: 1 for model & 1 for dashboard.

    ES-100 model: 1 dashboard: 1 Early version works across 1-32 (“alternate mode” will enable linear acceleration*)
    BIRD ZERO unlimited (ES-100; not patched?) model: 18 dashboard: 1 Linear acceleration curve. See also ES-100.
    BIRD ZERO limited (ES-100; not patched?) model: 19 dashboard: 1 Linear acceleration curve. See also ES-100.
    BIRD ZERO limited (ES-100; patched version) model: 21 dashboard: 1 Linear acceleration curve. See also ES-100.
    ES-200B model: 31 dashboard: 255 unlimited speed + max acceleration
    ES-200B model: 31 dashboard: 228
    ES-200B model: 1 dashboard: 255
    ES-200B model: 1 dashboard: 143
    ES-200D model: dashboard: To Be Determined – check other ES-200
    ES-200G model: 3 dashboard: 20
    ES-200G model: 31 dashboard: 225
    ES-200G model: 3 dashboard: 31
    model: dashboard:

    What is the difference between factors? Well, depending of ESC, different factors makes impact on speed and acceleration curve.

    Example ES-100 speeds with [km/h]: 99, 28, 25, 22, 19, 12, 8, 0.

    * If available on your product!

    If you want contact us to provide info and confirm working factors – click here or copy: support@scooter-unlock.eu

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    In v8 SEAGULL there is changelog stated: faster scooter (maximum) acceleration instead of previous 70% linear
    You can change it to default 70% (like on rental) by using 30 taps sequence, you should hear confirmation *sound* and acceleration will be now smoother – this can be useful during wet condition or negative temperatures due to traction control.

    In PARROT and KINGFISHER, half of speed settings (depending of scooter) should provide you lower acceleration curve and disabled front wheel “slip control”, in full acceleration “slip control” is always on (ESC setting)

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    When your backlights and/or front light is blinking every 2 seconds and scooters stays disabled despite unlock code was provided you’ve probably shorted black with green/yellow/green wire.

    Please fix shortage and avoid it in the future – you can damage your tool.

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    To differentiate our tool we create versions based on BIRDs names .


    • SEAGULL = ES-100
    • KINGFISHER = ES-200G
    • CUCKOO = ES-200G/D/B (currently in BETA state)

    Our tools are in developing state all the time so new versions (read changelog on product page) introduces new features and fixes very often.

    If you have further questions, do not hesitate to reach us through support@scooter-unlock.eu

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    Due to nature of physical and logical properties of this type of sensor it is important that your body (You) have some kind of ground connection – this will amplify sensor reading values and your touch will be register when you meet specific threshold.

    Easiest way to ground yourself relatively to vehicle is to touch some metal part of it – like brake handle, stem, steering tube or even just holding the grips will do the job. Since version v6 touch sensor is more sensitive. Since version v5 touch sensor will not work while accelerating with thumb throttle pressed down.

    If you encounter further problems:

    • please check soldering points on provided metal plate
    • reconnect module from Julet connector (plug/unplug) – it will recalibrate sensor – do the recalibration process after soldering metal plate
    • check continuity of pink (or violet/purple) cables, especially near resistor on this cable
    • contact us.
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    If you would like to try different speed limits, you can do it on the fly.

    There are 3 different sets of speed limits:

    • No limit + 25km/h limit
    • No limit + 21km/h limit
    • No limit + 18km/h limit

    Press touch sensor 20 times in a row, you will hear confirmation *sound* – that means that your new speed limit is set.

    Reminder: you can toggle speed limit (limited or unlimited) by pressing touch plate 10 times in a row.

    Changes will be lost when you disconnect power from our tool though.

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    If you are riding your scooter and you can’t toggle on lights or trigger commands, just release thumb throttle button and try again.

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    First of all this feature is available since version 5 (v5), main reason is to reduce idle battery usage of your scooter while using our module.

    Power saving will trigger automatically only while scooter is in disable state. You can “wake up” scooter by long touching metal sensor – scooter is waiting for your unlock code (if this long touch trigger unlock command as well).

    “wake up” state lasts 20 seconds and then scooter goes to power saving state again. Every next sensor touch in this period of time will prolong “wake up” state for another 20 seconds.

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    No. Works with stock.

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    As mentioned in description of the product (also further in instruction which is available after purchase to download in PDF and it’s attached to package it self) end user have to solder color coded wires (and solder touch sensitive plate or button if opted).

    Remember to wear your helmet!

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    No, it will be turned on as in normal use.

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    Indeed it seems that this device is working without original IOT device (GPS tracker) – it can be unpluged (and SEAGULL device need to be plugged instead) to perform diagnosis action with our tool.

    User can confirm it is working without original GPS/IOT module – however keep in mind that the product is sold as it is, without any guarantee of compatibility with your specific copy of vehicle due to possible manufacturer changes.


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    No, this is not OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). This is third party tool and we advertise it as to be used for diagnosis.

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    We are looking forward to users who owns scooter with controllers/scooters as such:

    1. ES400
    2. Dott
    3. VOI Voyager 2
    4. Wind
    5. Spin
    6. Jump

    So we can further confirm that tool is working on ESC controller: ES200-B, ES200-C, ES200-D, Lime 3, Lime 3.0 and other

    To test our diagnostic module on particular models. Please contact us through support@scooter-unlock.eu and send photo of your controller model & scooter to get 10-80% discount for first purchase.

    Warning: This message doesn’t mean that diagnostic tools are fully compatible with above scooters!

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  • Hadrien POLINE says:
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    will it work with can esc controller ? like the one found on tier scooter has i got one

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